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Here at RIZE Marketing, we create content that dynamically utilizes the 3-E’s of Content Marketing. Our content is created to be Engaging, Efficient, and Effective.

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With all the content out there for consumers to interact with, it is of highest priority to create content that is relevant and specific to what searchers are looking for. This means thoroughly understanding your target audience needs, questions, and behaviors. We utilize videos, images, infographics, and other media rich content that catches the eye and engages the viewer. Doing so ensures that the content we create is developed with the consumer in mind.

If the eye is the window to the soul, then content is the door to your business. And in our ever-increasing virtual world of internet business, it is very important that we create an appealing entrance as possible to those who are searching. Engaging content is where conversion starts.


One thing few marketers think about when creating content is the fact that it must be efficient for both you the creator and the audience who views it. This is a crucial part of “creating content with the audience in mind.” Our content is very goal driven to either persuade, inform, or educate the viewer into making a well-advised decision. We’ve found that we don’t have the time to shoot a full production movie on each and every topic of our various products and services, and likewise, our audience is usually just as busy as we are. Producing highly efficient content ensures that we are not wasting our time while clearly communicating information that consumers are searching for.

Track data for clients
Track data for clients


Remember that the whole reason we are creating content in the first place is to communicate a message to our target audience. The effectiveness of how well our content relays that message directly influences the amount of traffic and conversion rates for websites. We make sure that whether we are persuading, informing, or educating, that we develop content specifically designed to hit the mark intended.

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